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Thank you for visiting jspilkerstyle.  I seek to separate myself from other stylists by accentuating the importance of professionalism, simplicity, and style.  I value my client by giving them the experience and the look that they want.

Creating an entire look for my client is an infusion of talent and style and not just a simple service. Upon request, I will conduct a thorough, personal consultation to ensure that you will obtain your desired look.  I utilize these consultations to not only achieve your current, desired style, but also to offer suggestions on future stylish looks.  


I use my experience, talent, and attention to detail to help you achieve the exact look and feel you are seeking while providing you the insight into maintaining that look once you leave the salon.  My focus is on creating an experience and end result that will create a feeling of beauty and confidence


Sincerely.....Jessica Spilker

For nearly 25 years, Jessica has been working towards providing her clients with the most enjoyable and professional experiences possible.  She is a Keune Educator, former Keune Brand Manager and uses Keune products exclusively. She has educated everyone from independent stylists and small boutique salons to style academies and large 15+ chair salons all throughout the midwest. Prior to her corporate journey, she created and owned REVOLV Salon for over 10 years. 


EXPERIENCE.....It matters. Experience is not just about how long a stylist has been "behind the chair". It is also about WHAT experience, skills and knowledge has been gained in that time.  Even with building a career spanning over two decades, Jessica has experience with multiple color and product lines. Keune has become her weapon of choice and with her previous experience with other companies, she can transition your hair, color and styling into something better, healthier and consistent. Jessica realizes that the years of experience behind the chair is weak without the ability and knowledge to apply it in practice. This is where you are truly in good hands.

SKILL.....Jessica has invested many years in her areas of expertise. She has extended her education as a continued focus to perfect her skills. From her precision and accuracy to a keen eye for fashion and trends, Jessica realizes that your hair is more than just an accessory. It is an extension of who you are and the image you desire to present to the world. Educating with Keune has allowed Jessica to share some of her passion with others while at the same time sharpening her skills time and time again through constant learning and repetition. As a stylist, her greatest fear is becoming stale behind the chair. By constantly honing her talents and taking on hair and color challenges from any client that sits in her chair, she will prove time and time again why her abilities are difficult to match.


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​Jessica uses Keune products exclusively behind the chair. Keune seeks to discover, reveal and create true beauty everywhere in the world. Such beauty can only be achieved with the help of a good set of eyes and ears, a masterful hand and a creative mind. That’s why Keune has combined forces with the greatest stylists, the best technicians and the most skilled educators. All for one goal: smiling clients all around the world, as they step out of the salon feeling fabulous. Highly editorial, avant-garde styles are great, but it’s real hair that matters the most. Above all, Keune believes hair should be masterfully designed but still cool, wearable, and personal. It's called ‘true beauty’.

Founded in 1922, Keune is a Dutch, independent, family-owned business and has grown, thanks to love, passion and skill. Keune is a loyal partner and believes in independence, innovation and superior quality. Keune believes that we are all part of a larger world that we need to treat with care. Keune offers employment to those with mental disabilities, as part of their team. Being a global business, they also welcome displaced people who have had to flee their countries and seek new lives.

Keune loves animals and is proud of their cruelty-free practices. Our planet also needs us. Keune saves energy, reduces water waste, uses natural lighting – and even takes advantage of the chilly Dutch climate to cool products during production. 

Jessica uses Keune because of the product inside and the people behind it. Mega-corporations, fancy packaging and slick advertising does not create true beauty, let alone healthy, gorgeous hair. Keune understands this and can provide you with exactly what your hair needs.




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Your appointment is very important to me and it is reserved especially for you. I understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary, Therefore, I respectfully request at least 12 hours notice for cancellations. Please understand that when you forget or cancel your appointment without enough notice, I miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time, and the clients on my waiting list miss the opportunity to receive services. Less than 12 HOURS notice will result in a 50% charge on all services booked for the reserved appointment. NO SHOWS will result in 75% charge on all services booked for the reserved appointment Fees will be asked to be paid at the time of next appointment! Any appointments canceled before the 12 HOUR window will not be subject to a fee I THANK YOU for your continued support!! If there is a reason (other than circumstances beyond my control) I may have to cancel on you, and its within the 12 HR window, I will offer a 10% discount off of all services booked. 



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128 East Front Street, Perrysburg, Ohio, 43551

**Jessica is located at Front Street Salon**

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